The iconic, creative, and daring Accor Arena has an open mind and a flexible layout. A look at past events hosted at the Accor Arena provides a journey through its many transformations, in an invitation to a new – and unexpected – kind of experience. Refurbished in 2015, the world’s fifth biggest Arena is still moving with the times. In the past: a pioneer. Today: an immersive venue. And in the future? Who knows what form its next transformation will take. We know one thing, though: that here, anything is possible!
The Main Event Hall has been reborn thousands of times, taking on a new identity every time: housing an impressive ski piste or supercross track, a giant playground graced by the world’s best basketballers or a temple to live performances by iconic stars, and even a windsurfing pool... And these are just some examples of what is possible herein. Want to see more?​