Privacy notice


applicable as of 25 May 2018



The venue operator (Société anonyme d’exploitation du Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy – “SAE POPB”) takes the confidentiality and protection of data concerning visitors and users of its websites and mobile apps (“Visitors”) very seriously. As SAE POPB is responsible for processing the data, it uses appropriate, secure resources to ensure that Personal Data, as defined below, is protected.

Through this confidentiality policy for personal data (hereafter, the “Policy”), SAE POPB describes the personal data processing that is conducted, in accordance with current legislation (French Data Protection Regulation 2016/697 and French Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data, and Civil Liberties (the “Legislation”)), on the following data: (i) Visitor data relating to the services on offer from SAE POPB at the Accor Arena, and (ii) on the websites and mobile apps that it runs, primarily the website at (the “Website”) and the Accor Arena mobile app (the “App”), excluding box office pages (collectively referred to hereafter as the “Services”).

The Policy does not apply to the desktop and mobile box office website, nor to any services that are not directly provided by SAE POPB and its service providers.

The term “Personal Data”, as used in the Legislation, refers to any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. A person is deemed to be identifiable if they can, directly or indirectly, be identified by an ID number or one or more pieces of information unique to their natural, physical, psychological, economic, cultural, or social identity.



The Processor for the Personal Data collected in provision of the Services is Société anonyme d’exploitation du Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy (“SAE POPB”), an SAEML with capital of €2,004,078.75, registered on the Paris register of companies under number 326 433 117, and whose head office is registered at 8 boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris, and whose main premises are found at 8 boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris. It is represented by Nicolas Dupeux, its CEO.

Data protection provisions for the personal data collected on the online mobile box office website ( can be found at the following address:


All Visitor data is obtained directly from the Visitors themselves.

As soon as it becomes necessary, SAE POPB will request the Visitors’ consent before collecting their data, and enable Visitors to refuse the use of their data for other purposes.

SAE POPB may collect several different kinds of personal data, as defined below.

Which information will be collected? When is this information collected?

Visitors’ personal information

(full name, email address, gender, phone number, date of birth, address, Facebook profile [including the username and profile picture], and license plate number)

When the Visitor shows their ticket at the Accor Arena

When Visitors fill in forms while using our services (such as subscribing to newsletters or registering for early bird tickets)

When Visitors enter a competition

When Visitors contact SAE POPB

When Visitors lodge complaints

When Visitors respond to requests for comment

When Visitors respond to satisfaction surveys

When Visitors create a public WiFi account

When Visitors log in to the public WiFi network

When Visitors use parking at the Accor Arena

When Visitors make an appointment at the Accor Arena

When submitting a speculative application or applying for a job

Information about professional status

(job title, company, professional contact details)

When Visitors purchase hospitality services

When Visitors are invited to the Accor Arena by SAE POPB or a third party for a hospitality service

Information on Visitor purchases

(data about tickets purchased, seat numbers)

When the Visitor shows their ticket at the Accor Arena

When Visitors contact SAE POPB

When Visitors lodge complaints

When Visitors respond to requests for comment

When Visitors respond to satisfaction surveys

Sensitive information about Visitors

(For further details, please see the section on “Sensitive Personal Data”, below)

When visitors submit special dietary requirements

When visitors request special assistance (PRM/Disabled) at the Accor Arena

If the Visitor is involved in an incident or accident at the Accor Arena

When Visitors bring in prescribed medication or medical devices

Contact with Visitors

(emails, letters, phone calls, messages sent via our online messaging service, messages sent to us on social media, and on feedback forms)

When Visitors contact SAE POPB

When Visitors lodge complaints

When Visitors respond to requests for comment

When Visitors respond to satisfaction surveys

Information about what Visitors are doing at the Accor Arena

(static or animated images)

SAE POPB uses CCTV inside the Accor Arena

Information about your behaviour when using our communication systems (Website, mobile app, public WiFi) and about your location


(IP address, MAC address, device name, logs, browsing history, browser type and version, language, operating system and version, etc.)

When Visitors use SAE POPB digital services and systems (including the Website and App, and when connection to public WiFi)

When Visitors accept cookies sent to their devices

When Visitors open SAE POPB newsletters

When Visitors click on SAE POPB ads

When Visitors fill in forms on the Website or App

When Visitors contact SAE POPB

When Visitors lodge complaints

When Visitors respond to requests for comment

When Visitors agree to receive messages and offers from SAE POPB

When Visitors respond to satisfaction surveys


Visitors are always informed about how we will use the data we collect either through this Policy, or via the inline data collection form.

1. The need to collect data.

When using our Services, Visitors share some of their personal data with us. If Visitors decline to share the information we ask for, they may not be able to access certain Services (especially accessibility services and some parts of the website or app), and SAE POPB may be unable to process their request.


2. Purposes

Visitor data is mainly processed for the following purposes, grouped together by category:

Receiving and directing the public

- Welcoming, directing, and guaranteeing the safety of Visitors to the Accor Arena

- Assisting PRM/Disabled visitors

Customer experience and marketing information

- Providing Visitors with relevant information about their purchases, and the events they are attending (practical guide, transportation, specific safety instructions, etc.)

- Conducting corporate and commercial communication campaigns (including sending details of offers for similar products or offers from Accor Arena partners).

- Promotions and competitions

- Enabling Visitors to share products and services on social media

- Improving Services and proposing new services

- Improving the Visitor experience

- Contextual communications (Geofencing)

- Personalising Services and offering Visitors products and services that best match their needs, based on the information they provide and their preferences

- Personalising Services and offering Visitors products and services that best match their needs, based on their personal data, purchasing behaviour, and access controls

- Building targeted, personalised customer relationships (newsletter, editorials, “not to be missed”, holiday greetings, one-off communications, etc.) across different channels (email, push, SMS)

- The use of public WiFi

Customer relations

- Processing Visitor requests

- Processing Visitor complaints and disputes

Statistics and surveys

- Implementing statistical and visitor number tracking of our Services

- Conducting optional satisfaction surveys with our Services

- Calculating box office and marketing indicators

- Measuring visitor numbers and optimising visitor flows at the Accor Arena

Technical management

- Enabling Visitors to browse the Website and use the App

- Enabling Visitors to quickly and easily connect to the public WiFi, without needing to create a separate account

- Guaranteeing the Security of the Website and App

- To combat fraud

It is stated whether the personal data being requested is compulsory or optional when it is collected.


3. The legal basis of collecting personal data about Visitors is as follows:

- Fulfilling the contract of sale in application of the Accor Arena box office website terms and conditions

- SAE POPB’s legitimate interest in (i) providing and improving its Services, (ii) promoting Services and new services, (iii) improving the customer experience, and (iv) combating fraud and making the services more secure.

- Obligations imposed by Legislation

- Visitors’ consent when required by Legislation



Visitors’ personal data will not be shared with any businesses or advertisers without the Visitor’s consent.

Visitors’ personal data may be processed by SAE POPB subcontractors, concessions, and service providers, all in absolute compliance with the above principle, and exclusively for the purposes described in this policy.

Within their respective remits and for the purposes described above, the main parties who will have access to SAE POPB Visitor data are the relevant SAE POPB staff and external recipients, such as:

- Our service providers and subcontractors that provide our Services

- The competent authorities



SAE POPB never sends personal data to organisations outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.



SAE POPB stores persona data only for as long as it takes to fulfil their purpose, and in line with legal obligations.



Visitors can view a copy of all personal data held about them by SAE POPB, and request to modify, amend, or erase their personal data. Visitors can also limit, restrict, or reject the processing of their data, as well as requesting to receive a copy of their personal data in a structured, widely used, and digitally readable format.

Visitors can also choose to stop receiving promotional offers by removing their consent at any time, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. Nevertheless, SAE POPB may use the Visitor’s initial consent or purchase to process any data collected before the Visitor withdrew their consent.

To exercise these rights, Visitors can submit a request by logging in to their account or by submitting their full name, email address, correspondence address, and copy of their ID:

- By filling the following form

- By letter to the following address: AccorArena – Données personnelles - 8 boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris

The Visitor’s request will be processed within the legal deadline. In order to comply with its legal data retention obligations, SAE POPB may store some personal data in temporary archives.



Read our Cookies policy, here.



Visitors can click on dedicated social media icons on the Website or in the App.

Social media helps to make the Website more social, helping to promote it though shares, and thereby boosting its visibility.

When a Visitor clicks on these buttons, SAE POPB may be able to access personal data that the Visitor has set to public and accessible on their social media profile. However, SAE POPB will not use the personal information posted by the Visitor on the social network to compile nor use any kind of independent database, and SAE POPB will not process any personal data obtained in this fashion.

Visitors must use the processes provided by the social networks to control, amend, or limit access to personal data posted on their social media accounts.



SAE POPB uses all of the technical, physical, computing, and organisational means at its disposal to ensure that personal data is processed securely, and that all personal data remain confidential.

As such, and in light of the nature of the data and the risks incurred by processing it, SAE POPB takes every practical precaution to keep this data secure, and especially to prevent it from being misrepresented or damaged, and to stop any unauthorised third party from accessing the data through the use of physical security policies (e.g. controlled access to premises), management of permissions (e.g. procedures to manage permissions to access the data, identification and access procedures, and traceability and controlled access), and data processing procedures (e.g. data encryption, storage on dedicated servers)



In principle, the Website and the App are intended for use by adults who are able to assume the obligations of legislation in their home country.

Visitors aged under 16 or who are unable to give their consent must obtain prior consent from their legal guardian when providing information to the Website or App. Legal requirements for confidentiality notwithstanding, SAE POPB may directly inform the legal guardian of:

- The particular kinds of personal data collected from the minor

- Their ability to refuse the collection, use, and storage of said data



This policy may be subject to changes or amendments. SAE POPB invites, and advises, Visitors to read this Policy regularly. Nevertheless, Visitors’ personal data will always be processed in line with the Policy in force at the time when they were collected, unless legislation demands otherwise.

This policy is an integral part of the Website Terms and Conditions.



If Visitors have any queries or complaints about SAE POPB’s compliance with this Policy, or if Visitors want to share any recommendations or comments on how to improve the Policy with SAE POPB, they can contact SAE POPB by email at the following address: or in writing to: AccorArena – données personnelles - 8 Boulevard de Bercy, 75012, Paris