Press Release

08 February 2021

The Accor Arena, new operator of the new arena at Porte de La Chapelle

SAE POPB, operator of the Accor Arena, won the consultation launched by the Ville de
Paris to run the future Porte de La Chapelle Arena for ten years,
scheduled to open for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Firmly believing that operating this new Arena will be a major asset in the delivery of its business strategy, Accor Arena wanted to respond to the consultation’s local development angle by leveraging all of its expertise to deliver an effective facility and serve the local community who stand to benefit from it. For this project, we came with a strong vision: to make the new venue a catalyst for transforming the local area, to drive its metamorphosis, making it the heart of a varied and cosmopolitan business fabric that would restore the rightful place of this neighbourhood in north-east Paris.

In addition to hosting Olympic and Paralympic badminton competitions, as well as para-Taekwondo, the new venue will also be home to a 12,000m² Arena containing several entities:
§ A main hall with 8000 capacity with a basketball layout, and maximum capacity of 9000,
unique in Ile-de-France
- Two sports halls, one with a 1000-seat stand
- A selection of secondary premises covering 2600m².

A resident basketball team, Paris-Basketball, will also play all of their home matches there.

The SAE POPB will need to deliver on three main missions: commercial operation of the new Arena, management of public services, and the organisation of secondary activities in the secondary premises, an experience space always open to all, and featuring hybrid programming, a blend of sports and urban culture: dining open to the public during and outside of events, retail, varied events, incubator, and rooftop bar with basketball court.

Nicolas Dupeux, CEO of the Accor Arena, is “delighted with this amazing
opportunity that has become available to us, to manage this new venue and create major synergies between the two biggest Arenas in Paris”.

All of the team at the Accor Arena is dying to get to work to bring this new project to fruition, consolidating our diversification strategy while drawing on 35 years of experience to host shared events between what will be two Parisian Arenas.