Every A4B experience begins with the same thrilling sensation... walking into the Main Event Hall via the private entrance (the exclusive VIP entrance on the Hall Loges & Salons side on the Boulevard de Bercy) rather than the general public entrance. 

For every organised event, the Accor Arena team is literally deployed in this Hall. They provide a warm and comfortable welcome for every single guest. 

The Accor Arena is all about people, so there will always be friendly faces, attentive ears, and friendly gestures to welcome VIP guests, help them along their way, and make everything as easy as possible. 

Accor Arena: a place where anything is possible, including for businesses... 

Big Bangs

The BIG BANGS are the biggest experience on offer at the Accor Arena, and one that delivers an incomparably exclusive experience.

Les Loges

A private space right by the action, and exclusively yours for an entire season. As exclusive as it gets. 

The best thing about the LOGES is never having to worry about not getting a ticket, but more than that, they are in a private box affording the best seats in the house. OK…

More importantly still, there’s the unrivalled service and the peerless guest environment. 

Being a LOGE guest means getting the optimal version of our A4B services: a box that can be entirely customised, made in your image, and featuring optimal comfort and unbeatable views, for as many shows as you like! 

Le Cercle

Getting into the CERCLE is as good as it gets 

It’s the freedom to choose who, when, what, and how. Because you already know where ;-) 

A number of annual subscription options are available, grating you access to all events held at the Arena!You choose how many tickets you’d like (from 15 up) and the events you want to attend, and your tickets are guaranteed for 10 days from when the event is announced! #FastAccess  

You’ll also get the best seats in the VIP stand. 


BOOSTERS are experiences that ramp up the intensity and exclusivity of the experience even further. These are experiences that can only be found at the Accor Arena. 

The (Re)mixes

Deliver a variety of treats and ambiences, bring different audiences together, mix, rearrange, meet, and share... That’s the best thing about the (Re)Mix! 

At the heart of the experience: being as close to live performances as it gets. 

5, 10 or 15 times over a one-year period, you’ll get a box with seats on the VIP stand all for you! 

Choosing (Re)Mix is to choose intimacy and flexibility, it’s to choose an exclusive and secret experience... several times over the course of a season, but without overcommitting!


Somewhere is a fun, mysterious, intimate, and totally new kind of experience.... that can only be had at the Accor Arena. An exclusive experience: you’ll watch the show from a speakeasy! A speakeasy that looks out directly onto the stage!

You can become a member for a half-season or the whole year. 

It’s up to you. How many people do you want to amaze? 

La Privat'

La Privat’: an exclusive, ephemeral experience, a little moment of timeless joy. 

If you opt for La Privat’, for one night only you get your own private venue inside the Arena, a unique opportunity to “mark the occasion”, to highlight how important a client relationship is to you, or to give your staff a special treat. 

This one-off private hire (for groups of 30+) lets you come and see any event on the programme, with seats reserved in the VIP stand for the show of your choice, subject to availability.


Le Club

Le Club

Joining Le Club is to join an exclusive set, but really it’s all about freedom! The freedom to choose.

To choose a subscription package and get access to all of the events at the Arena.

To choose how many seats you want in the VIP stand (from 10+) and, subject to availability, to choose the shows you want to see.

It’s freedom, flexibility, agility, and all to a streamlined budget.