The Accor Arena is a world of its own, that’s as avant-garde as it is family friendly. 

It’s a place where connections matter: visitors are guests for whom the staff at the Accor Arena play the Maestro, the home team who make experiences real... 

At the Accor Arena, we spread our wings as real business angels.

The Accor Arena is a venue for all kinds of encounters, even (and most importantly) the most unexpected. It is a space that elicits emotions, designed as a hub where any kind of opportunity and synergy can find its place. 

At the Accor Arena, nothing is entirely left to chance... but it might all be a happy coincidence. 

And we do all we can to encourage these happy coincidences: social and events spaces are everywhere we can put them (VIP hall, the box corridor, VIP terrace, 4th floor bar, etc.) 

2 drivers to accelerate business:

-        Networking for all in this venue that creates encounters

-        A Business programme for an ultra-exclusive target audience

Because encounters, hybridisation, and mixing genres and people are what make great things happen. 


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