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2022 Programme: 100% of the original artists have been rebooked for the event on 26 March 2022.

“Receiving no external funding, our loyal audience has kept the Annual Martial Arts Festival going for 35 years. The best way to support us is by keeping your tickets. Or, if you still haven’t got one, by booking yours for the 2022 event now!”


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event organisers and the Accor Arena announced that the 35th Annual Martial Arts Festival, scheduled for 12 June 2021, would be postponed until 26 March 2022.

All existing tickets remain valid for the new date.

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“Professional” camera equipment is not allowed inside the Accor Arena.


You are not allowed to bring your own food into the Accor Arena.

Bottled water

You are not allowed to bring your own drinks into the Accor Arena.

Backpacks ( under 10L )

Suitcases and holdalls are not allowed. Backpacks are allowed but must be checked in to the cloakroom.

About the Festival

The Martial Arts Festival was launched in 1985 as the “Martial Arts Night”. It’s aim was to put on a colourful and acrobatic show for the French public, by bringing the greatest masters from every martial art around the world together, once a year. In the intervening years, a wide variety of disciplines have been showcased at the Festival, from Kurash (Uzbek wrestling) to Tai Chi, and on to the hugely popular Karate and Krav Maga. The Martial Arts Festival is to thank for bringing major international masters to France for the very first time, including the Shaolin Monks (1989), the Masters of Okinawa Karate (1993), as well as great champions like Rickson Gracie (1995) and Jean-Claude Van Damme (1990).