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Lounis Aït Menguellet is a living legend of Kabyle poetry and song. The man who the writer Kateb Yacine nicknamed “the poet of the century” is back on stage at the Accor Arena to share the greatest songs of his lifetime with the audience.A master of metaphor, charismatic and endearing, he will be at the Accor Arena to tell you his greatest tales during a memorable concert.

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You are not allowed to bring your own food into the Accor Arena.

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You are not allowed to bring your own drinks into the Accor Arena.

Backpacks ( under 10L )

Suitcases and holdalls are not allowed. Backpacks are allowed but must be checked in to the cloakroom.


“Professional” camera equipment is not allowed inside the Accor Arena.

About the artist

Lounis Aït Menguellet, whose real name is "Abdenbi Aït Menguellet”, was born on 17 January 1950 in Ighil Bouammas, a village nestling among Algeria’s Djurdjura mountains. Growing up in a family of modest means, his childhood was marked by the horrors of the Algerian War of Independence. Despite a very short education, Lounis was an avid reader, and exploded onto the cultural and intellectual scene. Lounis Aït Menguellet is without a doubt one of the most popular artists in contemporary Kabyle music, a poet who came to symbolise the Berber pride. It is the lyrics that make Lounis’ songs so powerful. He uses simple words to tell stories about the simple lives of those around him, and is able to express emotions that touch the growing audiences at his concerts.

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