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The unmissable festival celebrating music from French overseas territories, La Nuit d'Outre-Mer/Nuit du Kompa is back at the Accor Arena for its second incarnation. Supported by fans of Kompa music, the biggest groups in the genre will perform a mind-blowing live concert in a prestigious venue. Come and get involved in a new, 100% kompa adventure, and feel the vibes of a warm and welcoming event that’s unique in France!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event organisers and the Accor Arena announced that La Nuit d'Outre-Mer/Nuit du Kompa, initially scheduled for 17 April 2021, is postponed until 19 November 2022.

All existing tickets remain valid for the new date.

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You are not allowed to bring your own food into the Accor Arena.

Bottled water

You are not allowed to bring your own drinks into the Accor Arena.

Backpacks ( under 10L )

Suitcases and holdalls are not allowed. Backpacks are allowed but must be checked in to the cloakroom.


“Professional” camera equipment is not allowed inside the Accor Arena.

About the Kompa

Kompa Direct (TM), or simply Kompa, is a genre of music born in Haiti. It was invented by the Haitian guitarist and saxophonist, Nemours Jean-Baptiste in 1957, while his Cunjunto International, which would later become the Ensemble Aux Callebasses, was formed in 1955. The beat belongs to the Haitian merengue family and is similar to the quadrille, itself derived from French contredanse.