Who can book?

Anyone who is disabled or has reduced mobility and has a disabled badge or medical certificate can access our dedicated bookings service.

How to book?

To book your ticket, contact our dedicated team by phone on +33 (0) 176 402 675. Our team will take care of booking your ticket and your companion’s, offering you the most suitable seats to meet your needs. You can also book a parking space at the same time.



    If you are travelling to the Arena by car, our car park has reserved parking spaces for disabled visitors. To book your space, call us on +33 (0) 176 402 675. Please note that your vehicle height should not exceed 1.9m. If you are arriving by another mode of transport, you can find all the information you need by clicking below.

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    If your seats are found on the stands, the balcony, or in the boxes, you can get to them via the Grand Hall entrance. Use the Esplanade entrance if your seats are found in the pit or the orchestra. Our dedicated teams will be at hand to help you along the way. Remember to let us know you’re here as soon as you arrive.

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    Please remember to bring your disabled badge or medical certificate, as you may be asked to show them to get into the Arena. We also ask that you introduce yourself to our teams in the company of a single companion. You can meet the rest of your group once you are inside the hall.

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Disabled visitors

If you are disabled or have temporary mobility problems: send us a message telling us about your situation and providing your seat numbers, so that we know who you are on the day of the event.

For example:​
- You are visually impaired, with or without a guide dog.
- You are using crutches.
- You require constant assistance breathing.

We will do all we can to help you enjoy the event in as much comfort as possible. Please also have a read of our FAQ.