The Accor Arena is committed to constantly evolving, and producing events that touch on the biggest issues facing the world today, in an effort to raise awareness, influence the public, change behaviours, and play an active role in a movement based on responsibility, sustainability, and inclusion, and one in which every citizen can play a part. Working in partnership with all of its stakeholders, the Arena would like to express social, economic, and inclusive values through music, live events, and sports, and work to raise public awareness. This is why the Accor Arena has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy and, in an effort to make real progress over the next few years, has launched a “sustainable event” certification with the ISO 20121 standard. We can’t put it off any longer!

Read our sustainable development policy, below.


In partnership with Sport dans la Ville (Sport in the City), the main charity furthering social inclusion through sport in France, the Accor Arena has launched a process of social innovation and is supporting initiatives through 5 flagship programmes for boys and girls from areas identified as a priority. But how can you make a real difference? In fact, it’s pretty straightforward: the next time you buy a ticket to come and see an event at the Accor Arena, you can make a donation to Sport dans la Ville and your choice of one of its 5 programmes. This act of generosity has been made possible by Common Cents, a social enterprise that builds charity into your online purchases, and is now a partner of the Arena



Your turn to get involved!

The Accor Arena regularly provides a venue for the Paris Area Blood Donor Society for its special blood donation drives to guarantee the supply for patients. We know how you feel about needles... But you won’t even notice them, promise! You rock up to the Arena, fill in a form, settle down in a comfy armchair, hold out your arm and that’s it: you’ve just done a bloody good thing to help someone in need! When you know that giving blood can save up to three lives, it’s definitely worth coming in and giving up an hour of your time. To find out when you can next give blood, follow us on social media.