5 Shows to Get Away From It All Without Leaving the House

An eternity ago, Plato said that, “Music gives soul to the universe and wings to the mind”. And against a backdrop of repeated lockdowns and government restrictions, these words have never rang more true. Feeling the need for a bit of poetry to brighten up your monotonous everyday? Here are five recommendations to get away from it all, without even leaving the house. 

Queen at Live Aid in 1985

There are some moments that come to define a band. For Queen, one such moment was 13 July 1985. On that day, two humanitarian aid concerts were held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium, in London, and JFK Stadium, in Philadelphia. And from that event, it’s the legendary show put on by the British band that will go down in history. Back then, Queen had already been a global phenomenon for at least fifteen years. And yet, the group still managed to amaze the audience through the talent and charisma of their leader. Whether it was Freddie Mercury’s vocal power, the synergy he created with the audience, or the crowd joining in and singing along with a powerful message of unity, all of the ingredients were there to ensure that the concert became a legend. Some talents live forever. And Freddie’s is definitely one of them. 

And for any Queen fans out there who can’t settle for just watching a video, you can see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert at the Accor Arena on 13 July 2022. It’s a highly symbolic date that can mean only one thing: the show must go on! 

Rhye in Concert at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

A journey of the senses and emotions, rather than through space and time. This is what is on offer from Rhye in this unprecedented performance in Hall M at Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, no less. It’s an unusual music session that makes us feel nostalgic for where you’d least expect it. Airport halls, usually so cold and impersonal, now seem as comforting as Proust’s very own madeleine. And then, like a flash of light in the dark, we remember that you can fly without ever leaving the ground: all it takes is a little bit of music. Thank you to Rhye for this excellent reminder. 

Livestreams With -M- 

As soon as lockdown struck, many artists started performing online concerts to stay in touch with their fans. Our favourites include the livestream from Mathieu Chedid. Known for electrifying the crowd (especially at the Accor Arena, like in this concert from 2019), M now wanted to “electrify” Facebook, to use his own words. On the bill for these unique live concerts at home: electric improvisations, poetic reinterpretations, cult covers, and star guests (Vanessa Paradis, Kyan Khojandi, Pierre Richard… to name but a few). The shows definitely made one thing clear: you can still be creative when locked down at home. 

Isaac Delusion’s Dreamlike Live Show

What better way to dream of better days than with a live performance by Isaac Delusion, filmed in the middle of nowhere? And we just have to say that the group’s heavenly pop was enough to transport us away to summer all by itself. Away to the warmth of a good festival, listening to the song of the cicadas in Provence, in the shadow of the towering Dune of Pilat... Wherever you’re dreaming of being just now, we think that Isaac Delusion’s music can get you there, and quick! And as if that wasn’t enough, add in an astonishing backdrop deep in the mountains of Savoy. The result is a unique concert of almost unreal beauty. This unique live show is part of the “Passengers” collection, brought to you by Arte Concerts, that can be watched live right here.

L’Impératrice at the Grand Palais

What could be more fitting than playing host to L’Impératrice in such a majestic setting? A grandiose venue, gentle vocals, and the Grand Palais willingly falls under their spell. The iconic venue is perfectly suited to the L’Impératrice’s retro-futuristic poetry that draws inspiration from here and further afield.In this breathtaking live show, the hits that made the group flow in quick succession (Sonate Pacifique, Erreur 404, Agitations Tropicales), alongside the more recent Anomalie Bleue, Peur des filles, Fou and Hématome. It’s a chance to (re)discover Tako Tsubo, the septet’s latest release from 26 March 2021.